The first 1000 people recieve this special price of just £120 for the whole year, every year you will never expereice a price increase. 


This is an exclusive group that works on learning to be free and happy.  This movement of abundant joy will enable you to see the difference and the world to see a diffence - if only 1% of the population changes the whole world that 1%


This progam isn't the Law of Attraction this program is an holistic approach to transcend the limiting ego and move into living from a place of Love, Joy, Kindness and abundance. 


Throughout the year as well as the programme you get access to exclusive digital and "Live" retreats; Virtual workshops.  The program includes so many different aspects that i just can't fit it all on here...but it is life changing. 


I have been running this program since 2005 and have seen so many amazing results, however, i feel now is the time to move from 1-1 and make it available to a wider audience.   


This is still avaialble on a 1-1 basis on request and is £800 for the year (virtual) and £2400 a year in person.  Only available after a consultation. 

Year Membership To "Living the Life You're Worth"

£480.00 Regular Price
£120.00Sale Price
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