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OCTOBER - Love the skin you're in.

The sun, warmth and gentle sweeping of the sea in Croatia are behind me now 🥺 and having used up the last of my Croatian skin care it's time to move into the cooler time of the year, where our skin is covered with layers and barely breaths in the air. But even though our skin misses the air and freedom to breathe it doesn't mean that we should neglect it all together. In fact this time of year it is essential to take even more care of our skin.

I never buy commercial products for my skin, because I have the most awkward and sensitive skin around, the slightest hint of mineral oil makes me scratch for days! And, I adore the process of making things from scratch. The key to making your own products is make less, I make body & face oil and body scrubs that last for a month, face scrubs only enough for a week. However, unless you add water most oil based products last at least 2 months and unto 6 (depending on the oil used).

As today is 1st October and I have a couple of hours spare as the Library is being used I decided to make this new body scrub.


This scrub has a spicy, warm smell and the essential oils are all chosen to promote skin health with warming and relaxing properties.

  • 1 drop Wild Orange

  • 1 drop Clove

  • 1 drop Ginger

  • 1 drop Frankincense.

  • 1 cup Salt

  • 1 cup carrier oil (or enough to saturate the salt)

Personally, I use sesame seed oil as I find it lighter and absorbs better for my skin type. But - I know I'm spoilt for choice having a range of carrier oils for massage. You can use coconut oil, almond oil, grape seed oil any carrier oil or choice.

DISCLAIMER - If you're pregnant or breast feeding it is always safer to not blend your own oils always go to an aromatherapist who can devise a safe blend for your and your baby.


  • Wild Orange - this oil has a strong spicy orange scent and is great for energising and uplifting (lets face it we need all the uplifting we can get!)

  • Clove - This oil is used mostly for dental care and pain but has some amazing properties for skin health as it rejuvenates, stimulates the skin and increases blood flow causing your skin to look more radiant. It also helps remove mental exhaustion and fatigue as well as lowering stress and mental tension.

  • Ginger - personally, I rarely use this oil for body oils as the scent is so strong but I went wild and added it and it works really well. The ginger is lovely and warming; I use it a lot for sports massage and deep tissue massage. This also helps to make your skin look less dull.

  • Frankincense - I love this oil, it has to be one of my personal favourites and features in most of my own skin care. Frankincense has amazing properties and can tighten and tone the skin (especially good for fine lines on your face - diluted obviously) and brings with it a sense of mental peace...what more could you want?

I use salt as the base but you can use sugar if you prefer.



Sugar is softer and should only ever be used on the face (never use salt or unrefined sugar as the particles are too harsh and can cause micro tears in your delicate facial skin)

Sugar doesn't sting, so is ideal for sensitive skin and after shaving.


Sugar does very little other than manually exfoliate your skin.


Is both a exfoliator and has detoxifying benefits

Physically buffs off dead skin cells to reveal healthy new skin cells

Salt pulls toxins away from your body and eases in anti-inflammatory because of this salt scrubs are great for muscular soreness

Salt is a stronger particle so is great for dryer skin found on the feet, hands, elbows, knees and legs.


Salt can irritate your skin, and will find any cuts that you didn't know you had 😅

Never use a salt based scrub on your face - ever!

Of course, you don't have to stick to 1 type of base you can mix the salt and the sugar to create your own custom blend.


Begin mixing your oils with your chosen carrier oil. Add the salt or sugar to a bowl (not one that your will use for eating - if it is a food bowl make sure that you wash it in a dishwasher or very hot water) add the oils and mix into the salt making sure that there are no clumps of dry salt in the bowl.

Transfer to an air tight bottle (I use a clip lid glass jar from Tesco) and use a couple of times a week. Let me know what you think...

 If you prefer not to buy your own oils (I know it's a bit of an expense for 1 drop!) feel free to ask me when you see me and I'll mix the carrier and oils for you (£3) or if you prefer the glass jar and made up that is also available for £4.50.

If you want to purchase other scrubs or creams in future you can reuse the jar (or if you have your own)

Mixed Autumn Body Scrub

Sesame Seed Oil - Therapeutic grade (not cooking)

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