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Meditation Series - finding your perfect zen

When it comes to meditation there is so much information out there, yet it can still be confusing. As with everything, there are so many types and ways to meditate that we can get lost in sea of information and never really get to enjoy the bliss of the process.

Meditation is a simple action, that we humans have made more complicated by intellectualising it. When I teach meditation, I always like to teach that meditation is a gift of gratitude to our body (we allow our body to stop, be still and relax fully with no expectations) it is a gift to our mind and ego - the aim of meditation is to still the rushing energy and allow healing and stillness.

I have found that meditation has status - the ones who can do it like to boast and I have seen belittlement and the ones who struggle give up because they are never going to be as good. There is no peace in that.  The truth is that my way of meditating will not be your way; and your way will not be my way - all in all there is no right or wrong way to meditate.

Saying that, there are many different styles of meditation that you may not have explored and may click for you where others have failed to ignite a passion.

This meditation series will explore the types of main stream meditation, how to prepare physically for meditation and hints and tips.


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