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Firstly, this post is nothing to do with profiteering from the current affairs surrounding Coronavirus. I personally, don't buy into the drama or hype and certainly have no desire to profit from the fears of others. This post is purely to give you information to empower you, to show you that we are not all waiting for the fickle finger of fate to decide who is going to get ill or not.

The truth is we have something that is far superior than any antibacterial gel, we have our bodies and our immune system is a powerful thing to possess. I know that you can certainly prevent yourself getting any virus, bacterial infection or illness and if you do get it you can 100% help yourself fight it. My mum has chemo in 2012 over "flu season" or as most of us call it winter and even living with an 8 year old and a man who works in an office (and they are notorious for sharing bugs) not one of us got even a single sniffle. Our bodies are so much more powerful than we allow ourselves to believe.

I'm a bit of a geek and love anything science and especially nature based which is why I trained as a nutritionalist and Herbalist amongst other things, and know that food is and lifestyle is so powerful.

Wipe down handles, phones and remote with a cleaning spray, wash your hands with soap and water - but above all else don't stress or feel anxious stress can suppress your immune system. So if you feel stressed or anxious click here for a free meditation.


Did you know that just 20 minutes of exercise a day will boost your immune system, that can be walking, fitness classes, yoga any activity will do it.


Personally, I prefer to aim to get my immune boosting vitamins and mineral from food (I love to cook) but there are some that can be difficult to eat and others that we can't eat for example I can't eat oranges or grapefruit so I take a Vitamin C supplement. Whilst, I'm on the subject of Vitamin C and before I forget the recommended dose for immune boosting is 1000mg - now if you don't take vitamin C as standard 1000mg is probably going to cause a few digestive issues it's better to take 500mg in the morning and 500mg in the evening to prevent this and also makes sure that you don't just wee it all out!

The top 6 vitamins and minerals that you need to boost your immune system are below, some even double up which helps.


This vitamin is water soluble, which means that you can't build up a reserve when you reach a certain amount you'll just excrete it in your urine.

Obviously, this is most commonly associated with citrus fruits but also the dark leafy vegetables like Kale, spinach, Brussel sprouts, bell pepper, strawberries, papaya and so on.

Rosehip infusion is an amazing tea to drink, you need just 3 reships to give you all you need. (be careful not to crush the pods because the furry insides can scratch your throat so you'd need to drain it well. I will post a recipe for it on Facebook.

Thyme, you need just 1 ounce /28g to reach 45mg vitamin C! Also thyme is amazing for sore throats and respiratory conditions, it is known to make antibodies, kill viruses and bacteria as well as clear infected cells!


This vitamin helps your body to fight off infections, you can find it in Almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, grapeseed oil, butternut squash, chard, spinach


This is a fat soluble vitamin, which means that you can build up a reserve of it, with the reserves being stored in fat cells for later use. To make sure you absorb the most you need to eat these foods with a little fat.

Think orange - carrots (cooked), sweet potatoes, pumpkin, cantaloupe, eggs, Liver, goats cheese, butter, kale (cooked), romaine lettuce (raw), peppers (raw), spinach (raw)


Again a fat soluble vitamin, mostly we get this from the sun and a huge amount is absorbed through our eyes, and large surface area of skin - backs, legs... you need to get at least 1000mg through food especially if you live in the UK.

Foods now are fortified with this vitamin but you can get it through eating Salmon, Sardines, Cod liver oil, canned tuna, egg yolks and mushrooms.


Folic acid is also known as aka vitamin B9. This is another water soluble vitamin and is found is in so many foods its almost hard not to eat it.

Legumes - beans, peas and lentils; Asparagus, eggs, leafy green vegetables, beetroot, citrus fruits, Brussel sprouts, broccoli, nuts and seeds, beef liver🤮, banana and avocado.


This mineral is harder to find in the plant based diets, because it's naturally found in meat based products. Although it can be pretty difficult to be deficient in zinc - it is suggested that vegetarians and vegans need 50% more than meat eaters.

You can find it in lamb, grass fed beef, chicken, oysters, crab you can find it in baked beans (no sugar as this inhibits the absorption), pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, chickpeas (17%), lentils, cocoa powder - these give much less value so you will need to eat more, remember that seeds are healthy but also contain high levels of fat so eat wisely.

You are stronger than you know. Click here to go to Facebook for the infusion tea recipes.

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