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How to Do Dhanurasana or Bow Pose...

Pose of the Week Bow pose or Dhanurasana

Dhanu = Bow Asana = Pose



What this pose is good for?

This is a back bend or back extension which will strengthen the whole spine, hamstrings, calves and glutes. It also increases the flexibility and mobility of your spine. Increases the flexibility in your Quadriceps, psoas, chest and abdominals.

Why incorporate this pose into your practice?

This pose is a great way to relive stress and anxiety; this is because it stimulates the abdominal organs which strengthens the gut brain axis, the is where the Enteric and Central Nervous Systems communicate and a stronger connection leads to the release of serotonin which improves your mood as it is our gut that influences our mood, cognition and mental health (obviously this is very simplified explanation)


Step 1 Lying in a prone position with your legs hip width apart, bring your heels towards your buttocks and reach your hands back towards your ankles.

Step 2 Inhale and lift the heels away from your buttocks, at the same time lift the thighs aways from the floor (your upper body should lift naturally)

Step 3 Exhale and release the pubic bone towards the floor

Step 4 Inhale and draw the shoulders away from your ears and allow your chest to open

Step 5 Relax your glutes and engage your hamstrings (back of your thighs) this makes them act as your stabilisers

Step 6 Breathe easily and naturally 😅

Step 7 Exhale and lower your torso and legs back to the floor and lie prone

Easy!! What do you think about this pose. Would you like it to feature more?

Personally I love it, I incorporate it into my own practice both yoga and my HiiT core workouts and it was always a staple of the core classes that I gave in the gym as a lovely ending to the class!

Practice Makes Perfect!

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