Personal Training

Every goal is a personal goal, and I will work 100% to get you to where you want to be using the many areas of discipline that I am qualified in. 

My style of Personal Training is one that focuses on respect, gratitude, compassion and kindness.  I am not - nor will every be the type of trainer who is a shouter, that is simply not my style. 

I want you to get the best from us working together and the sessions are yours. The goals are yours.  The results are yours. 

A Kind and compassionate approach is not an easy one, you will work as hard and harder than a military regime, only you will fall in love with your strength, your ability and your self in the process.  In short you will change your world.

If this is something that you feel you would be interested in doing then feel free to contact me by EMAIL or PHONE 

Natalie xx

Personal Training is ideal for those of you who have a specific goal that you want to work towards especially if...

  • Your goal is time sensitive 

  • If you want to learn the best way for you to exercise

  • If you want to exercise independently out of the gym

  • If you want extra accountability 

  • If you are serious about seeing results

  • If you want guidance. 

  • Want 1-1/private Yoga classes

  • 1-1 Anxiety programme

  • private group SOSA