Intuitive, Holistic and Wholesome Nutritional Eating Plans. 

Are you sick of feeling bloated, unsatisfied, lacking energy or just feel like eating has such an emotional cost?  

Since 2009 I have been qualified as a Nutritionalist and in that time I have worked with so many clients who have just been bamboozled by the variety of different "miracle" diets out there.   Eating and food has become almost rocket science.  There is so much pressure placed on eating that we have over the past few decades lost the beauty and value of the food that we eat.


When I first designed my signature plan in 2008, the word "intuitive eating" hadn't been coined.  Instead, I called it the "Satiety philosophy".  


Food has the power to heal, to increase energy and eating has the power to wound, limit and create dis-harmony within our bodies; not necessarily from the foods that we eat but from the stigma around those foods. 


With my nutritional plan there is no banned food, no harsh calorie counting, no lack, limitation or any stigma attached to any food.  

There are 8 guiding principles to my signature eating plan each one simple, easy and beneficial to your whole being. 

After a very short time you will notice yourself feeling more energetic, more clarity, calmer and higher levels of vitality - all with very little effort!



15th January 2020.

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