My Teaching Style and Inspiration

One of the truest statements I have ever come across regarding yoga is 



Every teacher has their own way of teaching and interpreting yoga, each class has a unique style specific to that teacher.  Some yoga is fitness focused, flexibility focused, strength focused, impressive pose focused ... the variety is endless and that is why it is so important to find the right person for you.

My style is one the focuses on the holistic element - bringing a harmony to your mind, body and emotions, giving you a safe place to learn to honour and respect yourself.  

I love the myth and history behind yoga and the asana's (poses) and so this is interwoven throughout.  Yoga is not a religion, but it is spiritual and strengthens the connection with your own inner self, don't expect classes heavy with silence - my classes have a light-hearted energy and lots of laughs.  


The classes just wouldn't be what they are without all the amazing people who come to them...the truth is you make the class.


Yoga is about flexibility, but it should not be discounted as just a stretching class - this does yoga a great disservice.  Yoga has been around since 2300BCE and in ancient Yoga text was a used by the great Indian Warriors.

The design and creation of the sequence for classes are 100% for participants, no class sequence is ever set in stone for example injuries, general energy that day and any other subtle nuance is tailored to suit your needs.  Each class is progressive and designed to develop your discipline in self-respect, self-honour, self-worth.  In addition, you will gain all the physical benefits associated with Yoga. 


Yoga builds strength, endurance, stamina, improves fitness levels and strengthens your core and spine more than any other form of exercise. 


My class sequences are different every week but we always follow the same format:

* Opening Pause to reset and set our Intentions 

* Mobility section to warm up our joints

* Sun Salutation Sequence

* Main weekly theme

*Pranayama (Breathing)

* Meditation and 

* Words of Wisdom to close the class

Each class is 60 minutes.